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Relational data Transfer Application helps to move data scenarios from One relational database to other Relational database without moving entire tables.


This application will take the base table provided and get the Tables related to that and move rows from these tables to destination server based on the selection criterion given in the UI of the application.
Apart from that it will try to find the related data (Secondary Table) for the related set of tables and move that data also. Basically it moves data up to two level of FK.

In case of any foreign key errors while uploading data to destination database, application will try to figure out the missing table and import that particular data, so that no foreign key errors are received.

In case you do not want to import secondary Set of tables, uncheck the checkbox which says "secondary Tables".

This application is no way a fool proof way of moving data, but gets the job done.

Application will work on MS SQL and is built using C# 2.0.
Please feel free to change \ provide your comments .

Source Table : Table name from where you want to copy the data row.
Row Selection : SQL where clause which will uniquely distinguish the row that you want to sync, please make sure that you use TABLE.COLUMNNAME in this. example (WHERE TABLE.COLUMN = 'HELLOO' AND TABLE.COLUMN2='HI')

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